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Life in Japan
30th-Jan-2014 09:15 pm
There was an ad on TV for some new gadget and, like a lot of this sort of ad, had a kind of theme of 'the future is now! let's make the future happen now, get connected, blah blah'.

'Why do we always have to be chasing after the future?' I remarked to my housemate, 'why can't we try to recapture the past instead? Surely we're connected enough already.'

She said that if she had the choice to turn back the clock and go back to an age before the Internet and mobile phones, she probably would.

There's an interesting question to ponder… whether life would be better and whether individuals would opt for such a notion (probably not). There's no doubt the Internet has been convenient in a myriad of ways. But life went on for thousands of years before the Internet ever existed; we could get used to living without it once again.

I think… despite how much I use the Internet and how much enjoyment I've had from it, and despite how useful it is to me personally… that I'm just a little inclined to agree with her. I think at some point we crossed a threshold where technology became *too* much a part of our lives, and that was probably with the popularity of mobile Internet, carrying the Internet about with us everywhere we go.

I'm probably influenced by having just read Bill Bryson's memoir of growing up in the 50s and the kind of innocent, gentle paced, carefree days of his childhood. Or perhaps it's that we humans are just naturally inclined to feel nostalgia toward and idealise whatever was around when we were younger.
30th-Jan-2014 01:57 pm (UTC)
People would get along without it, if they were forced to.
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