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Life in Japan
Tennis final 
25th-Jan-2014 09:00 pm
Gahh, I was really enjoying the women's tennis final. It's rare to have a match where a) I am really rooting for one of the players in particular, and b) that player has at least some chance of winning the match. In this case, I really wanted to see Li Na take it.

So, after the first set, I had to go home, so I drove quickly (but legally ^_^) thinking, I'll at least see the last part of the second set. Nup. In the short time it took to drive home, the entire second set was wrapped up. 6-0!! How often does that happen? That's just not fair. :(

Ha ha ha… anyway, despite missing the end of this match, I am very happy with the result. And very happy to see all the shriekers fall short in the end. Hurrah for women's tennis!
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