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Life in Japan
3rd-Dec-2013 10:22 pm

I took the JLPT level N2 again last weekend. I didn't do well. If it's possible, I think I could have done even worse than last time. The vocab/kanji section was the worst, I think. I think I was unlucky there, because I do know quite a lot of kanji... It's kind of like if you know 70% of the content for a test and you go in and the entire test is composed of the 30% you don't know.

It didn't help that I was sick with a minor head cold. I'm not saying that if I was healthy I would have suddenly known what all the kanji meant, but it's a fact that reading lots of Japanese texts requires concentration and a quick mind, not mentally swimming in pea soup.

I felt really disappointed afterwards, actually. After all, I've been studying intermediate/upper-int Japanese for over two years now. That's a long time to work at something and not noticeably improve. People I know well, who know how long I've studied, sometimes say 'wow, you must be totally fluent by now!' I failed this level last year and I've been studying quite hard for the last six months. I'd started to feel like I was really getting the hang of the N2 language and actually *remembering* the vocab and grammar, so I'd felt quite confident going into this particular test.

Now, just because I did badly in the test doesn't negate all this - I still have improved, and after all, that is the main thing... deshou?

Oh well... third time lucky? Haha...
14th-Dec-2013 02:30 am (UTC)
Tests are so... hard. I'm a horrible and ultra nervous test taker. I don't know if I could pass the N1 if I studied for a solid decade for it. When do you think you'll get your actual score?

And yes! A test is just a number! And while sometimes that number can be an awesome motivator, give you some good feels, and be very useful for a resume... the most important thing is that you learned more and have gotten better.

... you can do it! Next time!
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